Summer Show Series 2017


  • Online Entry Form
  • Show Day June 27th, 2017 4pm - 8pm
  • Judge: Mary Callan (L)
  • Location - Back Ring.  All rides in a small arena (20x40 meter).
  • Self-selected ride time(s) after payment received
  • Schooling - any available space (indoor, side ring, field, etc.)
  • Entries close Sunday at midnight before show day June 27th Show
  • Call (703) 868-0847 after 3pm the day of show, if needed
  • Click to download Show Program or email
  • Series dates are Tuesday evenings, June 72, July 11 & 25, August 15
  • Cancellations with full refund if received 7 days before show date
  • The summer series is designed for practice and fun
    Tests are scored and available for pickup (no classes/ribbons)

  • Tests returned shortly after ride completion

  • Special awards - Judge's discretion to award:
    • Excellent Horsemanship
    • Excellent Turnout
    • Improved on 2nd ride


  • Online Entry Form
  • Schooling Show Ring 3:00 - 3:45
  • Schooling - any available space (indoor, side ring, field, etc.)
  • All classes $12 if pre-registered by midnight the day before the show
  • Classes are $15 day of show
  • Call (571) 577-1324 after 3pm the day of show, if needed
  • All classes will be held outside

Lead Line Division
Open to riders 7 years old and under. Riders may not cross enter into any other division.
     1. Lead Line (100% Pony)
     2. Lead Line (100% Rider Equitation)
     3. Lead Line (50% Pony/50% Rider Equitation)
Pre-Short Stirrup Division
Division open to riders 10 years old and under. May only cross enter into Short Stirrup Walk/Trot.
     4. Pre - Short Stirrup - Walk
     5. Pre - Short Stirrup - Walk, Trot
     6. Pre - Short Stirrup - Walk, Trot, Two Point
Short Stirrup Division
Open to riders 12 and under. To be judged 100% on Horse. May not jump higher than 2' at this show. Martingales permitted.
     7. Walk, Trot
     8. Walk, Trot, Canter
     9. Walk, Trot, Canter - 2 jumps at 18"

Pleasure Division
Will not start before 4:30pm. Pleasure Classes - Open to all. No Martingales.
     10. Walk, Trot
     11. Walk, Trot, Go As You Please
     12. Walk, Trot, Canter
2’ Warm up will not start before 5:00pm
     13. 2’ Warm up
2’ Hunter Division
     14. 2' Hunter Over Fences
     15. 2' Hunter Over Fences
     16. 2' Hunter Under Saddle
2’3” Hunter Division
     17. 2’3” Hunter Over Fences
     18. 2’3” Hunter Over Fences
     19. 2’3” Hunter Under Saddle
     20. 2’6” Warm up
2’6” Hunter Division
     21. 2'6" Hunter Over Fences
     22. 2'6" Hunter Over Fences
     23. 2'6" Hunter Under Saddle
2’9” Hunter Division
     24. 2’9” Hunter Over Fences
     25. 2’9” Hunter Over Fences
     26. 2’9” Hunter Under Saddle

High Point Awards
Frying Pan Farm Park will offer grand high point awards to the horse/ rider combinations and trainers having the highest accumulated points throughout the show series. All points accumulated in any division count towards year end awards. All ages are determined as of 12/1/2016.
Awarded to the top two eligible trainers based on the cumulative points of their registered horse/rider combinations as recorded in the show entry. Trainers please make sure your riders put your name on all entry forms.

  • Grand High Point Trainer ($150.00)
  • Reserve High Point Trainer ($100.00)

Division Awards
There will be year-end high point division awards in all divisions. You must show in at least two of the series’ shows to be eligible.
Lead Line, Pre Short Stirrup, Short Stirrup, Pleasure, 2’ Hunter, 2’3” Hunter, 2’6” Hunter, 2’9” Hunter

Award Rules & Point System

1. Frying Pan Farm Park employees are not eligible for awards.
2. All riders must declare their age in the appropriate box on the entry form. This is the exhibitor's responsibility. Undeclared riders will not be eligible.
3. Juniors, amateurs, and professionals are defined by USEF/USHJA rules. All ages are determined as of 12/1/2016.
4. Awards to be offered at the shows are included in this prize list.
5. The point structure for the 2017 Schooling Summer Series Divisions/Classes will consist of Base Points, plus Bonus Points, to equal Final Points.
6. First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Base Points are 10, 6, 4, 2, 1, and ½ points, respectively. Bonus Points will be determined by the number of horses or po-nies shown successfully (completed the course) in the first performance (over fences) class of all Hunter Divisions and the number of horses or ponies shown in the first class of all Hunter Pleasure Divisions. These numbers will be added to the Base Points to equal the Final Points. Example - a 1st place in a class of 5: 10 pts + 5 exhibitors (bonus points) = 15 points. Bonus points cannot exceed 10 Points.
7. Three entries are required to fill a class but Champion and Reserve will be award-ed, if there are a minimum of three entries in any two of the three classes offered in a division. Exceptions are Leadline and Pre-Short Stirrup Equitation, with two required entries.


1. The show will be run with U.S.E.F. rules as guidelines.
2. All entries must show a current negative Coggins test (taken within 12 months) before a number will be issued. If you are shipping from out of state, you will be required to show a current health certificate.
3. Class fees are $15 each day of show. With pre-registeration at, class fees are $12 each. To be eligible for the reduced fee, pre-registrations must be submitted by midnight the night before the show.
4. New back/bridle numbers will be issued at each show, unless otherwise requested by the rider on their entry form.
5. Entry fees will not be refunded for a class once that class has begun. If you need to scratch a class, you must do so one class prior to that class. With failure to scratch one class prior, no refund will be given.
6. Any class shown in and not entered before the class starts will be charged the entry fee plus a $10.00 office charge.
7. All equitation classes will be judged on hands, seat, guidance, and control.
8. Frying Pan Farm Park; Fairfax County Park Authority; Founders, Benefactors, Supervisors, Friends of Frying Pan Farm Park; their employees; and volunteers will not be responsible for any accident, injury, or loss occurring during the shows. Exhibitors enter the shows under this condition.
9. Scores based on 1st - 10, 2nd - 6, 3rd - 4, 4th - 2, 5th - 1, 6th - 1/2 points. Bonus Points: Champion 10, reserve 6.
10. Entries showing "unjudged" will be limited to the end of the class, if time permits. Unjudged entries pay the same entry fee for each round.
11. At the option of management, a dotted line may be enforced.
12. A three minute gate call will be given for all classes. If no rider enters the ring when the class is called during the three minute time period, the class will be cancelled. Entry fees will still be owed by rider(s) who miss their class and did not fill out and submit a class scratch card by one class prior.
13. Hard hats are required at all times while mounted. Juniors must wear safety helmets with approved (USEF or USPC) harness fastened.
14. Judge’s decisions are final.
15. No credit will be given in any classes with fewer than three entries. The exceptions are Leadline, Pre Short Stirrup and Working Hunter, which only require two entries.
16. Proper attire required in all classes. Please reference the VHSA/USHJA Rule books for specifics.
17. Management reserves the right to cancel, combine, or split classes, if necessary.